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Cricova Winery

Cuvee Prestige Rose Brut

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The Cricova Winery, founded in 1952, has the second largest wine cellar in the world (also known as the Cricova Underground City) and has been involved in producing Sparkling wine since the beginning.

Cuvee Prestige Rose Brut is an effervescent wine produced from grapes of European white and red classic varieties by secondary fermentation and further maturation in bottle or at least nine months.

It is the wine that distinguishes by its elegant pink colour and its fine bouquet, developed with subtle flavours of flower field and gooseberry, completed harmonious by its full, equilibrated and soft taste.

Excellent on its own and a great companion to sautéed vegetables, carpaccio or fish tartar, dried fruits, dark chocolate and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Serve chilled, at about 8 degrees Celsius.