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Château Vartely

Taraboste - Chardonnay, 2013

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TARABOSTE – is the name given by the Romans to noble Getae-Dacians (Thracians), who have inhabited the territory of Dacia Romana – the Roman province (106 to 271 AD).

Aged for 6 months in new barrels, Chardonnay Taraboste is a full-bodied wine of a divine color. In its taste, persist notes of melon, ripe pear and barberry, which are replaced with the aftertaste of creme brulee with citrus echoes.

Wine offers a continuous game between fresh and mature notes, between the complex and the young, between strength and lightness. Attractive and impressive with a complex and expressive bouquet. Its naturalness allows it to decorate any event.

This wine is a limited edition, with less than 9,000 bottles being produced.

This wine pairs well with julienne with shrimp, grilled salmon, or rabbit meat

Serve chilled, at about 8 degrees Celsius.