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Château Vartely

Taraboste - Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011

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TARABOSTE – is the name given by the Romans to noble Getae-Dacians (Thracians), who have inhabited the territory of Dacia Romana – the Roman province (106 to 271 AD).

Cabernet Sauvignon Taraboste is a noble wine, produced from very ripe and aromatic grapes harvested from the vineyards of Château Vartely in the south of Moldova, Bugeac area, and matured for 18 months in new barrels.

The wine is characterized by a pronounced bouquet of ripe pomegranates with an elegant breeze of blackcurrant and oriental spices. Taste is intense and mature, at the same time velvety on the basis of tannins, reminiscent of dried plums and bitter cherries.

This wine pairs well with lamb chops, steak, mature cheeses.

This wine is a limited edition, with less than 9,000 bottles being produced.

Serve at about 16° Celsius