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Château Vartely

Chardonnay Sweet (Botrytis), 2013

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Botrytis cinerea or noble rot, is a fungus that affects many grapes and causes them to shrivel into mouldy raisins. The fungus responds to the humidity and warmth in the climate and attacks the grapes. With the absence of water, the sugar becomes more concentrated and the botrytis begins to alter the acidity within the grape. Typically botrytis starts in late September and can last till late October.

Fabulous and mouthwatering! Grapes, ennobled with a touch of noble rot, produced by the Botrytis cinerea fungus give birth to a wine of gods, melancholic and poets. A smorgasbord of flavours: golden baked apples, pear, melon and a touch of cinnamon along with the perfect amount of balancing acidity. Luscious yet refreshing, it makes you want another sip.

Platinum winner and Best of Show at Decanter 2017
Gold medal at MUNDUS VINI 2017.

A bottle of Chardonnay botrytis can age for over 30 years though they normally hit their peak 10 years after the vintage date.

This wine pairs well with noble cheese, citrus desserts, Panna Cotta

Serve chilled, at about 8 degrees Celsius.